Proudly Made in USA. Let's Flatten the Curve, Together!


Our Thanks 

We want to give shout outs to all the medical staff, professionals and front line workers who are making great sacrifices and risking their health to make the world revolve. They are our superheroes. We are grateful to be a part of this journey doing what we can to provide help. 
 God bless you all!

We will proudly be donating 1 mask for every 1 sold to healthcare workers, essential workers, and communities in need!

Our Story

Rooted in fashion and textiles, Urban Life Mask was created to provide protection with function, comfort and style against harmful pollutants, allergens and viruses for yourself and others around you. During the current pandemic of the novel corona virus disease, we wanted to create a product that consumers can resonate with and wear proudly. But more importantly, to hopefully help ease the anxiety during the Covid-19 crisis that is affecting the entire globe. 

We foresee protective face masks not just a thing for this pandemic, but to be an essential everyday accessory to keep yourself and the community safe. Therefore, we are focusing on function and comfort for a healthy yet fashionable lifestyle.

Innovative products coming soon!

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Our Mission 

Making our world a safer and healthier place, in style.

Our Values 

Everything from fabric, sewing and fulfillment is done here in Los Angeles, CA and we pride ourselves in supporting our local, Made in USA creators, suppliers and manufacturers. More importantly, transparency is key in our selection of fully compliant manufacturers.  Ensuring the health and safety of workers is just as important as the quality of the products and services offered.

Upholding the customer is king attitude and creating as much value as possible.

Business with Integrity!

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Our Motto